I’m Shubi Arun, a 22 year old writer. Of all the labels I’ve adopted in the past few years, sports journalist is the one that’s most prominent. I’m an avid football fan, and have had my work featured on award winning publications like Football Paradise, Outside Write, Breaking the Lines and Football Critic.

While I do consider sports to be a metaphor for life, I also believe a world without the arts, isn’t one worth living in. I’ve worked for the Food & Arts section at Boston Magazine, and wrote extensively for the Culture section at the Observer in New York.

I write what I feel.

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In two words - Sports & Culture

Think of it like a mini newspaper, with three sections:

Balls, Bats & Baskets - Sports comes first, and in this section I’ll geek out about the happenings in this world of balls, bats and baskets.

Consumption Corner - A weekly review of what I’m watching, reading and listening to.

Deep Dive - Each piece/series in this section will be an in-depth analysis of the thoughts and emotions that arise from my interactions and experiences with the arts


Back when I was in 8th grade, I had a small diary in which I would meticulously write match reports about my favorite soccer team, Arsenal. I'd spend hours filling in this little notebook and perfecting each match report. What's funny is, that I wouldn't let anyone ever read this diary. The only person I did show it to, was my father. Impressed, he convinced me to take my writing online and so in the 9th grade I started my own soccer blog and have been writing ever since. 

But, after running my blog for 5 years, I still didn’t feel the same intimacy that I felt with my diary. And, that’s how we’ve ended up here - this newsletter is going to be my public diary, where each week I’ll share with you my musings, emotions and opinions from my bubble.


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